Fitness Trainer Dave Peet On Calgary’s Natural Beauty

Dave Peet became a Personal Fitness Trainer in Calgary for the simple reason that he enjoyed helping people. Peet, who has long been active in his church and who regularly donates to the United Way of Calgary, extended his interest in fitness to providing a personal service for those who are looking to take better care of themselves. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Peet explains, “and to see them have the confidence to do things they wouldn’t have considered before.”

Always a sports enthusiast, Dave Peet Calgary may have first become interested in personal fitness through the movies of one of his acknowledged heroes, martial arts expert Bruce Lee. Aside from Lee’s influence, Peet’s lifelong residence in Calgary, Alberta’s pastoral wonderland has allowed him to take full advantage of the variety of outdoor activities it has to offer, seasonal activities as diverse as snowboarding, water skiing, and dirt biking in the Alberta foothills. Spending his childhood in the large natural prairie park of the Nose Hill section of Calgary must have also given Peet an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Having grown up within a large family, Peet has had the good fortune of sharing his love of outdoor activities with his many nieces and nephews. Peet also spends much of his free time camping, hiking, and skiing with his wife, Michelle, who shares his dedication for maintaining an active lifestyle. It is this passion that inspired Dave Peet to follow his aspirations of combining his devotion to exercise with his commitment to helping people in becoming one of Calgary’s finest Personal Fitness Trainers. Dave’s outgoing personality and energetic approach to exercise makes him a natural coach to his clients, and his long term allegiance to his craft has made him an expert within his industry.