Dave Peet on How to Overcome an Exercise Plateau

It happens to the most fit of people–even personal trainers. The dreaded personal plateau is one strong reason why people should give serious thought to hiring a personal fitness expert. Dave Peet, fitness guru from Calgary, explains that everyone experiences a plateau, and many people encounter two or three. “My first plateau happened when I was relatively new to personal training,” Dave explains. He overcame his plateau by switching up his routine and developing a whole new exercise program for himself.

His breakthrough is one reason why he has such a high level of success with his fitness clients. Peet understands that when a plateau happens, change is needed. For Dave, his plateau required a switch from engaging in outdoor activities, like hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountain foothills, to incorporating an aggressive weightlifting component. Now able to bench press 450 pounds, he feels it might be time to switch again.

It is often difficult for people to know when it is time for another change to their routines, and Dave knows that this is how any great personal trainer can make a difference. A true fitness professional knows how and when to makes those changes in order to avoid plateaus, as well as how to lengthen the time in between the plateaus. Peet also suggests another helpful workout tip:  changing the number of repetitions and sets for any exercise multiples that you perform.

While it is important to vary the actual exercises you perform, changing the order in which you do them can also help. Ensuring that your body is never quite ready for the exercise is a great way to ensure effective exercise. Even slowing down or taking a few days off may be necessary in order to let your body heal to avoid over working your muscles. No matter which methods you choose to exercise, ask a personal trainer like Dave Peet to provide ways to avoid the dreaded plateau.


Dave Peet – Promoting Good Health in Calgary

Calgary native Dave Peet has dedicated a lot of energy toward ensuring that his community knows how to enjoy better bodily health through proper nutrition and physical fitness. He believes in setting realistic, adjustable goals for oneself that are fun and exciting. Dave’s long-time fitness advocacy has created an empowered and motivated group of clients who follow his personal training expertise. After bringing his talents to health clubs all over the Alberta Province, he successfully took off on his own with a client-centric model based on each individual and his or her fitness goals. His satisfied fitness clients enjoy the fruits of their own labor and his proficiency.

Dave Peet Calgary credits his active lifestyle as a youth and passion for outdoor activities as the fuel that motivated his career. He actively engaged in extreme sports such as  dirt bike riding, water skiing and other exciting pursuits. Now, Peet continues to partake in the great outdoors by enjoying hiking and setting up camp in the woods with his wife.  He also loves to embolden members of his large family to take on active lifestyles. This spirit translates directly to how he works with his clients.

There is a constant theme in Dave’s life–his desire to help others. This desire led him to pursue an avenue as a personal trainer since he was able to combine his affinity for an active lifestyle with his objective of assisting people to lead healthier and more thrilling lives. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Peet insists. Dave’s lifelong vow to promote fitness and strength shows in his ability to bench press 450 pounds and his ability to understand the success in overcoming individual constraints. He believes that mental fortitude is critical to achieving great milestones.

Personal Fitness Trainer Dave Peet Supports United Way of Calgary

When the Calgary Floods of 2013 devastated the area’s commerce, transportation, and infrastructure, in addition to forcing the evacuation of 110,000 residents, Dave Peet was there supporting the United Way of Calgary on their mammoth recovery and reconstruction effort. As a lifelong resident of Calgary, Alberta, Dave has been an active member in his church and community since he can remember. In addition, Dave took his concern for his fellow Calgarians’ health and welfare into deep consideration when he committed to operating his own Personal Fitness business in his hometown.

Having grown up in the prairie-like Nose Hill Park section of Calgary, Dave Peet has been able to take full advantage of the area’s natural splendor since he was a child. For example, Dave has not only spent his time snowboarding, dirt biking, and water skiing in and around the Alberta foothills throughout his entire life, but he has also played volleyball, hockey, and soccer when possible. In addition, Dave frequently goes camping and hiking with his wife, and when able, includes his many nieces and nephews in his recreational activities.

That is why Dave feels it is so important to support the United Way of Calgary in their reconstruction of the many damaged areas of his hometown. While an unparalleled number of bridges, homes, and businesses were damaged by the floods, United Way collaborated with all available local services, programs, and organizations to provide food, shelter, and other necessary supplies to multiple thousands of needy individuals. Dave Peet may be known primarily as one of Calgary’s leading personal fitness trainers, but when it comes to lending a helping hand to his community, he will stop at nothing until the job is done.

Calgary Fitness Trainer Dave Peet Recognizes Safety First

As a longtime personal fitness trainer, Calgary’s Dave Peet knows that his primary responsibility to his clients is their safety. Peet takes his career seriously, and he understands how new clients come to trainers with a willingness to learn and a desire to excel. With this in mind, Dave immediately works to establish the trust of his clients by assessing their physical characteristics, their physical capabilities, their personal health goals, and their limitations, among other things. After a thorough assessment and consultation, Dave can begin suggesting an exercise regiment that perfectly suits his client.

Although he can usually prescribe an exercise plan to suit any need, Dave Peet is mindful that some people have physical or medical limitations which may prevent them from performing at a safe level. At this point, Dave will refer them to the appropriate health care specialist before any fitness training can begin. In addition, Peet is qualified to guide his clients through the nutritional guidelines specific to their body types and exercise regimens. In short, Peet is adamant about getting his clients into shape in the safest manner possible.

Dave Peet has long been a favorite on the Calgary fitness scene, having established his credibility while working at various exercise facilities before deciding to branch out on his own. Before venturing into fitness as a full time career, Dave could frequently be seen in and around the Alberta, Canada wilderness, whether he was dirt biking in the foothills, water skiing in the area’s numerous lakes, or hiking with his wife. Dave has dedicated his life to exercise and fitness, as well as to helping people in other ways around the Calgary area. Peet has said, “I do this because of my passion for fitness, and for helping people.” By keeping his clients’ well-being in mind, Dave Peet stays at the top of his game while bringing them to the top of theirs.

Dave Peet Helps Others Find Their Passion For Fitness

Calgary’s Dave Peet is a longtime weightlifter and exercise enthusiast. One day he realized that the logical extension of his years of dedication to the art and science of physical conditioning could be applied to helping others realize their dreams of better health. Peet decided that after working for various centers over the years, his talents would be best utilized by starting his own business and becoming one of Calgary’s most sought after Personal Fitness Trainers.

Peet, who can bench press 450 lbs., understands the determination and motivation it takes for one to undertake the rigorous regimen involved in a commitment to professional training. He also knows that there are many safety requirements and regulations that must one must follow in order for his clients to be protected from physical harm during their workouts. A Personal Fitness Trainer must be cognizant of many aspects of his or her client’s physical abilities, limitations, and general state of health.

For example, there are a number of different exercises a person can attempt, but much of this depends on his or her flexibility, strength, and, importantly, his or her goals. Everybody comes to fitness for different purposes, and Mr. Peet can accurately assess a client’s needs as well as his capabilities. In addition, he prescribes personal exercise plans for his clients, recommending the frequency, duration, and intensity of one’s workout, as each person develops at a different rate. Mr. Peet can also help with nutritional choices, as what people eat during their fitness regimen is as important as the exercises they undertake.

There are as many considerations one must make in choosing a Personal Fitness Trainer as there are for a Fitness Trainer to apply to your individualized program. Dave Peet Calgary has put the time and energy into knowing what programs work best for each of his clients. As a lifetime resident of Alberta, Canada, he has also garnered the hard-earned trust of his Calgary community. Dave Peet finds helping others train personally rewarding, and he hopes to awaken the same passion he has for fitness in his clients.

Fitness Trainer Dave Peet On Calgary’s Natural Beauty

Dave Peet became a Personal Fitness Trainer in Calgary for the simple reason that he enjoyed helping people. Peet, who has long been active in his church and who regularly donates to the United Way of Calgary, extended his interest in fitness to providing a personal service for those who are looking to take better care of themselves. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Peet explains, “and to see them have the confidence to do things they wouldn’t have considered before.”

Always a sports enthusiast, Dave Peet Calgary may have first become interested in personal fitness through the movies of one of his acknowledged heroes, martial arts expert Bruce Lee. Aside from Lee’s influence, Peet’s lifelong residence in Calgary, Alberta’s pastoral wonderland has allowed him to take full advantage of the variety of outdoor activities it has to offer, seasonal activities as diverse as snowboarding, water skiing, and dirt biking in the Alberta foothills. Spending his childhood in the large natural prairie park of the Nose Hill section of Calgary must have also given Peet an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Having grown up within a large family, Peet has had the good fortune of sharing his love of outdoor activities with his many nieces and nephews. Peet also spends much of his free time camping, hiking, and skiing with his wife, Michelle, who shares his dedication for maintaining an active lifestyle. It is this passion that inspired Dave Peet to follow his aspirations of combining his devotion to exercise with his commitment to helping people in becoming one of Calgary’s finest Personal Fitness Trainers. Dave’s outgoing personality and energetic approach to exercise makes him a natural coach to his clients, and his long term allegiance to his craft has made him an expert within his industry.