Dave Peet on How to Overcome an Exercise Plateau

It happens to the most fit of people–even personal trainers. The dreaded personal plateau is one strong reason why people should give serious thought to hiring a personal fitness expert. Dave Peet, fitness guru from Calgary, explains that everyone experiences a plateau, and many people encounter two or three. “My first plateau happened when I was relatively new to personal training,” Dave explains. He overcame his plateau by switching up his routine and developing a whole new exercise program for himself.

His breakthrough is one reason why he has such a high level of success with his fitness clients. Peet understands that when a plateau happens, change is needed. For Dave, his plateau required a switch from engaging in outdoor activities, like hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountain foothills, to incorporating an aggressive weightlifting component. Now able to bench press 450 pounds, he feels it might be time to switch again.

It is often difficult for people to know when it is time for another change to their routines, and Dave knows that this is how any great personal trainer can make a difference. A true fitness professional knows how and when to makes those changes in order to avoid plateaus, as well as how to lengthen the time in between the plateaus. Peet also suggests another helpful workout tip:  changing the number of repetitions and sets for any exercise multiples that you perform.

While it is important to vary the actual exercises you perform, changing the order in which you do them can also help. Ensuring that your body is never quite ready for the exercise is a great way to ensure effective exercise. Even slowing down or taking a few days off may be necessary in order to let your body heal to avoid over working your muscles. No matter which methods you choose to exercise, ask a personal trainer like Dave Peet to provide ways to avoid the dreaded plateau.


Dave Peet Helps Severely Overweight Clients Get Fit

Dave Peet, personal trainer from Calgary, says that people can overcome being overweight, and many of his clients give proof to this claim. Dave believes that due to poor coaching, fad diets and badly designed exercise routines, too many severely overweight people fail to achieve their weight loss goals because of these mistakes.

To avoid these pitfalls, those who fall into this category should engage a personal fitness guru like Peet who can custom tailor an entire program to suit your current physical limitations. Dave too often sees people trying to “over-exercise” to get an immediate result, but they just end up hurting themselves and their confidence in the process. He adds that taking on too much in the first stages of your workouts can lead to strained and pulled muscles, plus an attitude of failure.

Instead, having a health professional such as Dave Peet to provide coaching in diet, exercise and emotional motivation can make a big difference. In order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, Peet helps his clients gradually make the difficult transition based on their current abilities, pushing them along in a healthy and safe environment. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over six years, Dave has learned that “one size” does not fit all.

This is true for all aspects of getting fit. Not only do you need a healthy exercise regimen that matches your physical abilities and limitations, but that routine should be changed as you progress to meet your increasing needs as you start to lose weight. By incorporating a smart diet plan with a solid exercise regimen, you can effectively double the amount of weight loss in the same amount of time. Dave warns, though, that fad diets are not sustainable, and people should instead focus on changing eating habits slowly over time to ensure long-term success. Lastly and most importantly, Dave Peet acts as a mentor, guide and positive motivational force for his clients to enable them to achieve their fitness goals and dreams.

Dave Peet- The Right Food And Exercise Is The Key To A Quality Life

When you are looking for a way to have a long quality life, there is no better combination than a “healthy diet and the right exercise”, this is the long standing belief of Dave Peet, star personal trainer from Calgary, Alberta. Dave has faithfully served the community for over six years and spreads the simple philosophy that the right exercise program and smart food choices not only extends your life, but enriches your life with the physical ability to experience all you desire.

Being physically fit is one way to shave off the aging process and ensure years of active healthy living, Dave Peet has been physically active in many outdoor sports and activities including skiing, biking, weight-lifting, and hiking in the Rocky Mountain foothills around Calgary. Peet sets an example for his clients with his active lifestyle and personal bests including his ability to bench press 450 pounds.

Peet asserts that healthy eating and exercise are especially important in the latter years to combat ailments commonly found among seniors . This winning combination has been proven to give  individuals the power to control their weight, experience more positive moods, combat health conditions and even boost energy levels. Dave adds, that people who engage in a healthy lifestyle have better sleep patterns, as well as improved intimate and social relationships.

Dave stresses the importance of choosing the right exercise and food regimen for a quality life and optimal health results; “professional trainers can provide a program that is tailored to your physical limitations to help reach your personal goals”. Peet cautions a generic program can be detrimental to your health, especially with existing health conditions.  A tailored program can ensure long term maximum results in as little time as possible while providing goals based on your lifestyle.

Dave Peet – on How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

For a personal trainer like Dave Peet, from Calgary, Alberta choosing the right Personal Trainer is as important a decision as choosing the right doctor or dentist. Ensuring your “health long term should be a conscious choice and you should make the most informed decision possible” advocates Peet. Learning from a professional personal trainer encourages a focus on your strengths and weaknesses as necessary while providing a consistent program for maximum progress.

With Dave Peet’s years of experience as a personal trainer in the Calgary area, he states “personal trainers as not just for celebrities or the super-rich anymore.” Many area residents are using his services because their work health plans enable them to hire a trainer that can help them increase their health through regular exercise regimens. By hiring a one-on-one personal trainer you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can be personally tailored to your limits, goals and aspirations.

Choosing a professional trainer with a great reputation for getting results should be your first consideration. For over 6 years, Dave Peet has been one of the top personal trainers in the Calgary area with satisfied clients seeing real results. The reason he has risen above the rest is because of his specific focus not only on getting results, but ensuring a healthy program that fits a person’s physical limitations and setting realistic goals.

As a person dedicated to physical fitness, being able to bench press 450 pounds and an active lifestyle of hiking, skiing, and many other outdoor activities he has a wealth of experience to draw from when developing programs. This can even include making the right dietary choices that are customized to fit with the exercise program that he will develop for you. Choosing a trainer with experience is the number one consideration, Peet assures.

Dave Peet Explains the Need for Personal Trainers

Today, people are paying more attention to their health, which is highly evident from calorie conscious dishes at restaurants, gluten-free grocery items, non-GMO labelling and low sodium alternatives. Fitness expert and personal trainer Dave Peet recognized that trend and sought to improve the ability for Calgary natives to have access to healthier lifestyles through his expertise. With years of experience on his side training individuals at athletic clubs in different parts of Alberta, he decided to embark on his own and offer his services directly to his local community in Calgary. Over the last six years, Dave has become one of the most highly sought after personal trainers and fitness gurus in the city, helping his clients to achieve their health conscious goals.

More and more companies are offering health insurance plans that include incentives for employees to be in good physical shape, making personal trainers more instrumental in aiding in those efforts. While many fitness buffs work out on their own, personal trainers help guide anyone from those who are just starting an exercise regimen to those to who are looking for more advanced techniques by helping them to avoid injury and to make the most out of the various benefits of their exercise efforts.

As a trained and seasoned professional, Peet helps play a critical role in making sure that people exercise smartly, efficiently and safely. He and other skilled trainers consult their clients based on their own bodily requirements and limitations, making sure that safety and health are top priorities during each and every workout session. Dave explains to all of his clients that they have to consider how frequently and how intensely they work out, as well as what foods they ought to consume for the best nutrition. Each new client that Dave Peet works with immediately learns that he constantly looks out for his or her concerns for a healthy lifestyle, and that he only suggests things that he would do himself.

Dave Peet’s Commitment To Fitness Inspires His Clients

After several years of working for various fitness facilities in the Alberta, Canada region, Dave Peet decided that the best way to give his clients’ the one-to-one attention they deserved would be to open his own business. With that in mind, Dave Peet transformed his passion for fitness and his excitement for helping people into a private enterprise that allows him to provide his years of expertise to the needs of his Calgary neighbors.

Dave Peet has always had a number of interests and hobbies which allow him to participate in the recreational activities he has loved since a child. For example, Dave has always taken full advantage of the Calgary area’s bounty of natural beauty by snowboarding, water skiing, and dirt biking in the Alberta foothills. He is also fond of hiking and camping with his wife, as well as playing volleyball and soccer with his many nieces and nephews.

It is Dave Peet’s enjoyment of helping others, though, that inspired him to become a Personal Fitness Trainer in the Calgary area. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Dave explains. As someone who can bench press 450 pounds, and who has dedicated his life to exercise and health, Dave understands the commitment it takes to overcome one’s limitations, and to push through to a higher level of fitness.

“It is exciting to see my clients have the confidence to do things they wouldn’t have considered before,” he adds. Whether restoring a 1969 Camaro or donating to the United Way of Calgary, Dave Peet demonstrates a level of commitment to his pursuits that transmits to his clients as their Personal Fitness Trainer. It is clear that his outgoing and energetic nature instill his clients with the confidence they need.

Personal Fitness Trainer Dave Peet Supports United Way of Calgary

When the Calgary Floods of 2013 devastated the area’s commerce, transportation, and infrastructure, in addition to forcing the evacuation of 110,000 residents, Dave Peet was there supporting the United Way of Calgary on their mammoth recovery and reconstruction effort. As a lifelong resident of Calgary, Alberta, Dave has been an active member in his church and community since he can remember. In addition, Dave took his concern for his fellow Calgarians’ health and welfare into deep consideration when he committed to operating his own Personal Fitness business in his hometown.

Having grown up in the prairie-like Nose Hill Park section of Calgary, Dave Peet has been able to take full advantage of the area’s natural splendor since he was a child. For example, Dave has not only spent his time snowboarding, dirt biking, and water skiing in and around the Alberta foothills throughout his entire life, but he has also played volleyball, hockey, and soccer when possible. In addition, Dave frequently goes camping and hiking with his wife, and when able, includes his many nieces and nephews in his recreational activities.

That is why Dave feels it is so important to support the United Way of Calgary in their reconstruction of the many damaged areas of his hometown. While an unparalleled number of bridges, homes, and businesses were damaged by the floods, United Way collaborated with all available local services, programs, and organizations to provide food, shelter, and other necessary supplies to multiple thousands of needy individuals. Dave Peet may be known primarily as one of Calgary’s leading personal fitness trainers, but when it comes to lending a helping hand to his community, he will stop at nothing until the job is done.

Calgary Fitness Trainer Dave Peet Recognizes Safety First

As a longtime personal fitness trainer, Calgary’s Dave Peet knows that his primary responsibility to his clients is their safety. Peet takes his career seriously, and he understands how new clients come to trainers with a willingness to learn and a desire to excel. With this in mind, Dave immediately works to establish the trust of his clients by assessing their physical characteristics, their physical capabilities, their personal health goals, and their limitations, among other things. After a thorough assessment and consultation, Dave can begin suggesting an exercise regiment that perfectly suits his client.

Although he can usually prescribe an exercise plan to suit any need, Dave Peet is mindful that some people have physical or medical limitations which may prevent them from performing at a safe level. At this point, Dave will refer them to the appropriate health care specialist before any fitness training can begin. In addition, Peet is qualified to guide his clients through the nutritional guidelines specific to their body types and exercise regimens. In short, Peet is adamant about getting his clients into shape in the safest manner possible.

Dave Peet has long been a favorite on the Calgary fitness scene, having established his credibility while working at various exercise facilities before deciding to branch out on his own. Before venturing into fitness as a full time career, Dave could frequently be seen in and around the Alberta, Canada wilderness, whether he was dirt biking in the foothills, water skiing in the area’s numerous lakes, or hiking with his wife. Dave has dedicated his life to exercise and fitness, as well as to helping people in other ways around the Calgary area. Peet has said, “I do this because of my passion for fitness, and for helping people.” By keeping his clients’ well-being in mind, Dave Peet stays at the top of his game while bringing them to the top of theirs.

Dave Peet Helps Others Find Their Passion For Fitness

Calgary’s Dave Peet is a longtime weightlifter and exercise enthusiast. One day he realized that the logical extension of his years of dedication to the art and science of physical conditioning could be applied to helping others realize their dreams of better health. Peet decided that after working for various centers over the years, his talents would be best utilized by starting his own business and becoming one of Calgary’s most sought after Personal Fitness Trainers.

Peet, who can bench press 450 lbs., understands the determination and motivation it takes for one to undertake the rigorous regimen involved in a commitment to professional training. He also knows that there are many safety requirements and regulations that must one must follow in order for his clients to be protected from physical harm during their workouts. A Personal Fitness Trainer must be cognizant of many aspects of his or her client’s physical abilities, limitations, and general state of health.

For example, there are a number of different exercises a person can attempt, but much of this depends on his or her flexibility, strength, and, importantly, his or her goals. Everybody comes to fitness for different purposes, and Mr. Peet can accurately assess a client’s needs as well as his capabilities. In addition, he prescribes personal exercise plans for his clients, recommending the frequency, duration, and intensity of one’s workout, as each person develops at a different rate. Mr. Peet can also help with nutritional choices, as what people eat during their fitness regimen is as important as the exercises they undertake.

There are as many considerations one must make in choosing a Personal Fitness Trainer as there are for a Fitness Trainer to apply to your individualized program. Dave Peet Calgary has put the time and energy into knowing what programs work best for each of his clients. As a lifetime resident of Alberta, Canada, he has also garnered the hard-earned trust of his Calgary community. Dave Peet finds helping others train personally rewarding, and he hopes to awaken the same passion he has for fitness in his clients.

Fitness Trainer Dave Peet On Calgary’s Natural Beauty

Dave Peet became a Personal Fitness Trainer in Calgary for the simple reason that he enjoyed helping people. Peet, who has long been active in his church and who regularly donates to the United Way of Calgary, extended his interest in fitness to providing a personal service for those who are looking to take better care of themselves. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Peet explains, “and to see them have the confidence to do things they wouldn’t have considered before.”

Always a sports enthusiast, Dave Peet Calgary may have first become interested in personal fitness through the movies of one of his acknowledged heroes, martial arts expert Bruce Lee. Aside from Lee’s influence, Peet’s lifelong residence in Calgary, Alberta’s pastoral wonderland has allowed him to take full advantage of the variety of outdoor activities it has to offer, seasonal activities as diverse as snowboarding, water skiing, and dirt biking in the Alberta foothills. Spending his childhood in the large natural prairie park of the Nose Hill section of Calgary must have also given Peet an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Having grown up within a large family, Peet has had the good fortune of sharing his love of outdoor activities with his many nieces and nephews. Peet also spends much of his free time camping, hiking, and skiing with his wife, Michelle, who shares his dedication for maintaining an active lifestyle. It is this passion that inspired Dave Peet to follow his aspirations of combining his devotion to exercise with his commitment to helping people in becoming one of Calgary’s finest Personal Fitness Trainers. Dave’s outgoing personality and energetic approach to exercise makes him a natural coach to his clients, and his long term allegiance to his craft has made him an expert within his industry.