Dave Peet on How to Overcome an Exercise Plateau

It happens to the most fit of people–even personal trainers. The dreaded personal plateau is one strong reason why people should give serious thought to hiring a personal fitness expert. Dave Peet, fitness guru from Calgary, explains that everyone experiences a plateau, and many people encounter two or three. “My first plateau happened when I was relatively new to personal training,” Dave explains. He overcame his plateau by switching up his routine and developing a whole new exercise program for himself.

His breakthrough is one reason why he has such a high level of success with his fitness clients. Peet understands that when a plateau happens, change is needed. For Dave, his plateau required a switch from engaging in outdoor activities, like hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountain foothills, to incorporating an aggressive weightlifting component. Now able to bench press 450 pounds, he feels it might be time to switch again.

It is often difficult for people to know when it is time for another change to their routines, and Dave knows that this is how any great personal trainer can make a difference. A true fitness professional knows how and when to makes those changes in order to avoid plateaus, as well as how to lengthen the time in between the plateaus. Peet also suggests another helpful workout tip:  changing the number of repetitions and sets for any exercise multiples that you perform.

While it is important to vary the actual exercises you perform, changing the order in which you do them can also help. Ensuring that your body is never quite ready for the exercise is a great way to ensure effective exercise. Even slowing down or taking a few days off may be necessary in order to let your body heal to avoid over working your muscles. No matter which methods you choose to exercise, ask a personal trainer like Dave Peet to provide ways to avoid the dreaded plateau.


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