Dave Peet Helps Severely Overweight Clients Get Fit

Dave Peet, personal trainer from Calgary, says that people can overcome being overweight, and many of his clients give proof to this claim. Dave believes that due to poor coaching, fad diets and badly designed exercise routines, too many severely overweight people fail to achieve their weight loss goals because of these mistakes.

To avoid these pitfalls, those who fall into this category should engage a personal fitness guru like Peet who can custom tailor an entire program to suit your current physical limitations. Dave too often sees people trying to “over-exercise” to get an immediate result, but they just end up hurting themselves and their confidence in the process. He adds that taking on too much in the first stages of your workouts can lead to strained and pulled muscles, plus an attitude of failure.

Instead, having a health professional such as Dave Peet to provide coaching in diet, exercise and emotional motivation can make a big difference. In order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, Peet helps his clients gradually make the difficult transition based on their current abilities, pushing them along in a healthy and safe environment. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over six years, Dave has learned that “one size” does not fit all.

This is true for all aspects of getting fit. Not only do you need a healthy exercise regimen that matches your physical abilities and limitations, but that routine should be changed as you progress to meet your increasing needs as you start to lose weight. By incorporating a smart diet plan with a solid exercise regimen, you can effectively double the amount of weight loss in the same amount of time. Dave warns, though, that fad diets are not sustainable, and people should instead focus on changing eating habits slowly over time to ensure long-term success. Lastly and most importantly, Dave Peet acts as a mentor, guide and positive motivational force for his clients to enable them to achieve their fitness goals and dreams.


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