Dave Peet- The Right Food And Exercise Is The Key To A Quality Life

When you are looking for a way to have a long quality life, there is no better combination than a “healthy diet and the right exercise”, this is the long standing belief of Dave Peet, star personal trainer from Calgary, Alberta. Dave has faithfully served the community for over six years and spreads the simple philosophy that the right exercise program and smart food choices not only extends your life, but enriches your life with the physical ability to experience all you desire.

Being physically fit is one way to shave off the aging process and ensure years of active healthy living, Dave Peet has been physically active in many outdoor sports and activities including skiing, biking, weight-lifting, and hiking in the Rocky Mountain foothills around Calgary. Peet sets an example for his clients with his active lifestyle and personal bests including his ability to bench press 450 pounds.

Peet asserts that healthy eating and exercise are especially important in the latter years to combat ailments commonly found among seniors . This winning combination has been proven to give  individuals the power to control their weight, experience more positive moods, combat health conditions and even boost energy levels. Dave adds, that people who engage in a healthy lifestyle have better sleep patterns, as well as improved intimate and social relationships.

Dave stresses the importance of choosing the right exercise and food regimen for a quality life and optimal health results; “professional trainers can provide a program that is tailored to your physical limitations to help reach your personal goals”. Peet cautions a generic program can be detrimental to your health, especially with existing health conditions.  A tailored program can ensure long term maximum results in as little time as possible while providing goals based on your lifestyle.


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