Dave Peet – on How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

For a personal trainer like Dave Peet, from Calgary, Alberta choosing the right Personal Trainer is as important a decision as choosing the right doctor or dentist. Ensuring your “health long term should be a conscious choice and you should make the most informed decision possible” advocates Peet. Learning from a professional personal trainer encourages a focus on your strengths and weaknesses as necessary while providing a consistent program for maximum progress.

With Dave Peet’s years of experience as a personal trainer in the Calgary area, he states “personal trainers as not just for celebrities or the super-rich anymore.” Many area residents are using his services because their work health plans enable them to hire a trainer that can help them increase their health through regular exercise regimens. By hiring a one-on-one personal trainer you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can be personally tailored to your limits, goals and aspirations.

Choosing a professional trainer with a great reputation for getting results should be your first consideration. For over 6 years, Dave Peet has been one of the top personal trainers in the Calgary area with satisfied clients seeing real results. The reason he has risen above the rest is because of his specific focus not only on getting results, but ensuring a healthy program that fits a person’s physical limitations and setting realistic goals.

As a person dedicated to physical fitness, being able to bench press 450 pounds and an active lifestyle of hiking, skiing, and many other outdoor activities he has a wealth of experience to draw from when developing programs. This can even include making the right dietary choices that are customized to fit with the exercise program that he will develop for you. Choosing a trainer with experience is the number one consideration, Peet assures.


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