Dave Peet – Promoting Good Health in Calgary

Calgary native Dave Peet has dedicated a lot of energy toward ensuring that his community knows how to enjoy better bodily health through proper nutrition and physical fitness. He believes in setting realistic, adjustable goals for oneself that are fun and exciting. Dave’s long-time fitness advocacy has created an empowered and motivated group of clients who follow his personal training expertise. After bringing his talents to health clubs all over the Alberta Province, he successfully took off on his own with a client-centric model based on each individual and his or her fitness goals. His satisfied fitness clients enjoy the fruits of their own labor and his proficiency.

Dave Peet Calgary credits his active lifestyle as a youth and passion for outdoor activities as the fuel that motivated his career. He actively engaged in extreme sports such as  dirt bike riding, water skiing and other exciting pursuits. Now, Peet continues to partake in the great outdoors by enjoying hiking and setting up camp in the woods with his wife.  He also loves to embolden members of his large family to take on active lifestyles. This spirit translates directly to how he works with his clients.

There is a constant theme in Dave’s life–his desire to help others. This desire led him to pursue an avenue as a personal trainer since he was able to combine his affinity for an active lifestyle with his objective of assisting people to lead healthier and more thrilling lives. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Peet insists. Dave’s lifelong vow to promote fitness and strength shows in his ability to bench press 450 pounds and his ability to understand the success in overcoming individual constraints. He believes that mental fortitude is critical to achieving great milestones.


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