Dave Peet’s Commitment To Fitness Inspires His Clients

After several years of working for various fitness facilities in the Alberta, Canada region, Dave Peet decided that the best way to give his clients’ the one-to-one attention they deserved would be to open his own business. With that in mind, Dave Peet transformed his passion for fitness and his excitement for helping people into a private enterprise that allows him to provide his years of expertise to the needs of his Calgary neighbors.

Dave Peet has always had a number of interests and hobbies which allow him to participate in the recreational activities he has loved since a child. For example, Dave has always taken full advantage of the Calgary area’s bounty of natural beauty by snowboarding, water skiing, and dirt biking in the Alberta foothills. He is also fond of hiking and camping with his wife, as well as playing volleyball and soccer with his many nieces and nephews.

It is Dave Peet’s enjoyment of helping others, though, that inspired him to become a Personal Fitness Trainer in the Calgary area. “It is very exciting for me to take people to a level where fitness is much more important to them then it had been,” Dave explains. As someone who can bench press 450 pounds, and who has dedicated his life to exercise and health, Dave understands the commitment it takes to overcome one’s limitations, and to push through to a higher level of fitness.

“It is exciting to see my clients have the confidence to do things they wouldn’t have considered before,” he adds. Whether restoring a 1969 Camaro or donating to the United Way of Calgary, Dave Peet demonstrates a level of commitment to his pursuits that transmits to his clients as their Personal Fitness Trainer. It is clear that his outgoing and energetic nature instill his clients with the confidence they need.


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