Personal Fitness Trainer Dave Peet Supports United Way of Calgary

When the Calgary Floods of 2013 devastated the area’s commerce, transportation, and infrastructure, in addition to forcing the evacuation of 110,000 residents, Dave Peet was there supporting the United Way of Calgary on their mammoth recovery and reconstruction effort. As a lifelong resident of Calgary, Alberta, Dave has been an active member in his church and community since he can remember. In addition, Dave took his concern for his fellow Calgarians’ health and welfare into deep consideration when he committed to operating his own Personal Fitness business in his hometown.

Having grown up in the prairie-like Nose Hill Park section of Calgary, Dave Peet has been able to take full advantage of the area’s natural splendor since he was a child. For example, Dave has not only spent his time snowboarding, dirt biking, and water skiing in and around the Alberta foothills throughout his entire life, but he has also played volleyball, hockey, and soccer when possible. In addition, Dave frequently goes camping and hiking with his wife, and when able, includes his many nieces and nephews in his recreational activities.

That is why Dave feels it is so important to support the United Way of Calgary in their reconstruction of the many damaged areas of his hometown. While an unparalleled number of bridges, homes, and businesses were damaged by the floods, United Way collaborated with all available local services, programs, and organizations to provide food, shelter, and other necessary supplies to multiple thousands of needy individuals. Dave Peet may be known primarily as one of Calgary’s leading personal fitness trainers, but when it comes to lending a helping hand to his community, he will stop at nothing until the job is done.


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