Calgary Fitness Trainer Dave Peet Recognizes Safety First

As a longtime personal fitness trainer, Calgary’s Dave Peet knows that his primary responsibility to his clients is their safety. Peet takes his career seriously, and he understands how new clients come to trainers with a willingness to learn and a desire to excel. With this in mind, Dave immediately works to establish the trust of his clients by assessing their physical characteristics, their physical capabilities, their personal health goals, and their limitations, among other things. After a thorough assessment and consultation, Dave can begin suggesting an exercise regiment that perfectly suits his client.

Although he can usually prescribe an exercise plan to suit any need, Dave Peet is mindful that some people have physical or medical limitations which may prevent them from performing at a safe level. At this point, Dave will refer them to the appropriate health care specialist before any fitness training can begin. In addition, Peet is qualified to guide his clients through the nutritional guidelines specific to their body types and exercise regimens. In short, Peet is adamant about getting his clients into shape in the safest manner possible.

Dave Peet has long been a favorite on the Calgary fitness scene, having established his credibility while working at various exercise facilities before deciding to branch out on his own. Before venturing into fitness as a full time career, Dave could frequently be seen in and around the Alberta, Canada wilderness, whether he was dirt biking in the foothills, water skiing in the area’s numerous lakes, or hiking with his wife. Dave has dedicated his life to exercise and fitness, as well as to helping people in other ways around the Calgary area. Peet has said, “I do this because of my passion for fitness, and for helping people.” By keeping his clients’ well-being in mind, Dave Peet stays at the top of his game while bringing them to the top of theirs.


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