Dave Peet Helps Others Find Their Passion For Fitness

Calgary’s Dave Peet is a longtime weightlifter and exercise enthusiast. One day he realized that the logical extension of his years of dedication to the art and science of physical conditioning could be applied to helping others realize their dreams of better health. Peet decided that after working for various centers over the years, his talents would be best utilized by starting his own business and becoming one of Calgary’s most sought after Personal Fitness Trainers.

Peet, who can bench press 450 lbs., understands the determination and motivation it takes for one to undertake the rigorous regimen involved in a commitment to professional training. He also knows that there are many safety requirements and regulations that must one must follow in order for his clients to be protected from physical harm during their workouts. A Personal Fitness Trainer must be cognizant of many aspects of his or her client’s physical abilities, limitations, and general state of health.

For example, there are a number of different exercises a person can attempt, but much of this depends on his or her flexibility, strength, and, importantly, his or her goals. Everybody comes to fitness for different purposes, and Mr. Peet can accurately assess a client’s needs as well as his capabilities. In addition, he prescribes personal exercise plans for his clients, recommending the frequency, duration, and intensity of one’s workout, as each person develops at a different rate. Mr. Peet can also help with nutritional choices, as what people eat during their fitness regimen is as important as the exercises they undertake.

There are as many considerations one must make in choosing a Personal Fitness Trainer as there are for a Fitness Trainer to apply to your individualized program. Dave Peet Calgary has put the time and energy into knowing what programs work best for each of his clients. As a lifetime resident of Alberta, Canada, he has also garnered the hard-earned trust of his Calgary community. Dave Peet finds helping others train personally rewarding, and he hopes to awaken the same passion he has for fitness in his clients.


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